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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Concept work in Photoshop

I got access to Photoshop CS6 this week. I couldn't afford to buy the software, but I found an offer from Adobe that allows you to use all of Adobes software packages for a $40 monthly subcription for a year, which is a lot more affordable.

I have been looking to get this image created as a kind of promo for the Devil's P.A. novel for a couple of years now.  I hadn't drawn or painted in over twenty years, so I commissioned an illustrator to do it, but that didn't work out. When a friend suggested he could do it as a photocomposition in Photoshop I thought I should try and do it myself... back in the days of yore I was a computer graphic artist, so I had the basic skills, just the need to brush them up and learn the new software.

This test version is using stock photos I pulled straight off the web. For the final version I will need to find public domain version, purchase the images or photograph a model myself to ensure there are not copyright issues and I can use the image commercially in the future, should I so wish.

And a spot of context... this is a scene from the finale of the novel in a chapter called "Dancing with Fighter Jets".

Now I have access to professional graphics tools again, I am intending to do quite a few concept images for the Devil's P.A. novel and its sequels. I suspect it is going to be particularly fun doing the concept art for the Atlantis stuff in the last novel.

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